Artist Jodie Blaney sketching


"​I draw largely on memory, imagination and intuition to freely express my subjects. Places I’ve visited, remembered or imagined, all find their way onto the canvas. I paint from the vantage point of being close up, fully immersed in each subject. 


While my subjects are grounded in reality, I strive to move beyond realism to capture a whimsical and energetic interpretation of our Canadian landscape. Creating tension and drama in each work is important. Tightly controlled compositions and forms give way to lively, ordered chaos, creating harmony and balance.

For me, the painterly challenge lies in finding a balance of all elements on the canvas: energy and movement, stillness and quiet. In nature, I see these opposing elements as ever-present. 

​A defining characteristic of my work is discrete shapes. Shape-making is an important part of my process. On the canvas, I “assemble” the elements of my composition rather than draw them in the traditional sense, which often creates a puzzle-like effect.


Natural shapes such as trees or mountains can appear totemic and solemn or twisting and spiraling with energy. Artists who have influenced me in this regard include Canadian artists Lawren Harris, Emily Carr and A.J. Casson. The Cubist exploration of multiple perspective and light, as depicted in the works of artists Picasso, Cezanne and Braque also provide ongoing exploration."