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Drawing versus shape-making

I’ve never taken to traditional drawing. The thought of rendering a highly realistic scene on paper or canvas just doesn't excite me! Sometimes I think this may have something to do with the way I see the world. My approach to design and composition is very structural. I see the world as composed of patterns and shapes. It's my role as an artist to assemble these shapes on canvas in relation to each other until I am pleased with the effect. These shapes I refer to can take many forms: tree trunks, rocks, branches, or even light. I often alter shapes to fit my composition, to add movement, a whimsical element, or capture attention. Black gesso is one of my go-to materials to get the creative juices flowing and begin shape-making. Working freely with gesso on a white surface is very liberating. Working with black on white helps me make broad decisions about the overall design of the work, and where the highest points of contrast should be.

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